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A poster designed to present the viewer with material on the subject of surrealism. Chosen passages from Robin D.G. Kelley’s Freedom Dreams, The Black Radical Imagination and selected diagrams from scientists, authors, and artists. October 2020.

Dimensions : A0, 33.1” x 46.8”

Our present moment in the United States is one where people are seemingly unable to discern what is objective or subjective. In simpler terms people are disagreeing on what is true or real and what is fake or false. People weaponize science for their own subjective individualist uses: a prime example being the president and his followers. This is nothing new; in fact, it has been going on for centuries. White supremacy used to be a “scientific practice” in which European or American “scientists” would write papers and textbooks enforcing notions of racial hierarchy under the false pretense that humans other than Whites were inferior. They claimed this to be the “objective” truth.

A surprising amount of people fail to join current movements for racial equality, and some go as far as threatening or even shooting protestors. Perhaps this is because they lack the imagination necessary to see their backward ways of thinking. Because they lack imagination they cannot begin to reconstruct what they believe reality to be. Often times an inability to change an individual’s racism, hatred, and bigotry stems from that person’s lack of imagination


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