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On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy challenged America to see landing on the Moon as something bigger than space travel. It was the idea that achieving the impossible should be applied to all challenges that face us—especially those back here on Earth. A sentiment that is timeless and much needed at this particular time in history.

Our challenge was to bring his words into the present moment and create an experience that would honor his speech. In partnership with the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, the design team at MullenLowe worked on a proposal to bring the 60th anniversary of JFK’s moonshot speech into physical media. 

After listening to the speech on repeat and taking time to process his words and message, we delved into building visuals that felt like they were connecting Kennedy’s words from the past to the present and beyond, representing the hope and challenge he inspired. Building patterns that were reminiscent of his speech’s sound waves or using iconography as devices that could translate Kennedy’s words into a visual language.

I was responsible for designing a set of physical goods, from shirts to coffee mugs, connecting to the largely digitally-led experience, showing the museum how Kennedy’s words could be brought to life.

Design Director: Arthur Daraujo

Associate Design Director: Allie Hughess


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